Your Family Photography Session

Family photos should not be stressful.  I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable.  The goal is for your whole family to walk away feeling great! Your photos are going to show your meaningful connections, and natural smiles of the moment. They will reveal your children’s true selves and when you look at these photographs hanging in your home, you will feel your child's personality.  We will do some posed shots, but most of our time will be spent with your family interacting naturally together.   You will walk away wondering how you actually had fun doing your family pictures.

Sessions can be entire families or just the kids.  Let's talk about what you need.

All Inclusive Package. One Price, One Package. You Receive It All. $625

“It’s so hard to choose!” I used to hear that a lot from my clients.  These are your moments, your children’s smiles, giggles and expressions.  Each one is unique and I want you to have them all, fully edited in a gallery that speaks to your heart.

You will receive a minimum of 50 photos that you will be able to print as you choose.

You will also receive a gorgeous, luxury album from your session.  We want everyone to walk away with printed photos that can be displayed in your home. No stress, I will design and deliver a beautiful custom album.

Session price is for your immediate family – feel free to bring your dog!  Let’s chat more if you want to include grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles…


Sessions can be done at your home, in the park or on a family day out.  For outdoor sessions, we can play along the river, meet at the playground or I can come to your backyard. If you’re feeling adventurous, I always have some other fun spots in mind. 


Sessions are about 1 hour.  I never have a strict timeframe.  Sessions are usually in the morning or late afternoon. Keep in mind your child’s nap times when deciding on a time. I don’t have an overall time limit and like to allow time for your child to become comfortable. 

What to Wear

You can wear anything you want. You definitely want to feel comfortable. Usually it's good to keep things simple. You might want to stay away from logos and bold patterns.  Feel free to bring accessories. hats, scarves, sun glasses etc.  Your children can bring lovies, blankies, or special toys.  It's always fun to capture that moment in time when your child just can't part from her special toy. You want your photos to match your personality!